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Army Sniper Shooter Assassin


A real FPS combat calls for black ops on duty revenant sniper guard to save civilians from terrorist attack. Play as brave soldier in this Army sniper shooter assassin. The innocent civilians are at the mercenary of elite swat force. War action has triggered between the army force and dangerous criminals. With your modern sniper vision; Hunt down the terrorists at warzone with a killer shot. Fight to defend SWAT army base camp located at mountaintop. Deploy and Infiltrate the enemy convoy forces; Unleash your unstoppable rage attack to ambush in war. Lead the anti-terrorist counter attack and aspire to become the bravo cadet in the best sniper strike game.Join the ultimate FPS game with Army sniper shooter assassin. Start hunting hideout terrorists in the arctic mountain that has turned into rage battle field. As secret agent; Breach the enemy territory and take revenge with multiple killing tactics. Use mountain sniper training tricks and stick shooting your enemies in snow mountains terrain. Don’t let terrorist escape; Hijack the enemy satellite and track their hiding location.
Use the modern weapons like rifle, war machine gun, ak47 & mp4 guns. Be disparate as steady furious killer and carried out elite army shooter 3D. Destroy and demolish your enemy camp. Be prepared for the terrorist counter attack; grab your ak47 & mp4 from your wide ammo collection at military arsenal. Stick shooting enemy terrorists at snow mountain and defeat your opponents in the black ops assassin. The biggest challenge for gunner in this shooting game is to aim precise the target in the heavy snowfall. Avoid shooting civilians at the mountain village and do some precise target killing in the winter snow.
• Realistic 3D snow mountain environment • 10 Anti-terrorist counter strike duty missions• Thrilling First Person Shooter Game• Multiple modern weapons like ak47 & mp4 gun
Enjoy shooting terrorists guard and dangerous Russian gangsters as a trained sniper school cadet. With the best first person shooting game; enjoy realistic war action. With the thrill of anti-terrorist attack mission, play as lone sniper commando till the last stand. Take headshot of enemy and eliminate terrorism through this fury combat. Use SWAT target shooting skills to become the best shooter of the modern elite force with the last sniper simulator.